Author Guide Lines


Articles will be published in English language. Write your article text in good English (British or American usage is accepted, but not a mixture of these).

Formatting instructions
Articles should be submitted in Microsoft word or PDF format with double line spacing. The pages and lines should be numbered.

Organization of the manuscript

Title page
Please arrange the title page of manuscript in the following order:
(a) Title: First letter capitalized, subsequent letters in lower case. (b) Details of all authors i.e., names and affiliations. If more than two affiliations are there then use superscript lower case letters for distinguishing. (c) Mention the name, mailing address, telephone and fax number of the corresponding author.

(a) An abstract not more than 250 words including purpose, methodology, key findings and importance of the study must be given on the page next to title/front page. (b) Use a maximum of five key words for indexing purposes.

Papers must include the major headings Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgments, and References. If there are sub-headings those must be numbered after numbered in decimals. Review articles must contain Abstract and Introduction, with the same numbering scheme as mentioned for original manuscripts.

The introduction should contain a brief literature survey related to the concerned topic and will provide an insight of the reported work.

Material and Methods
Briefly describe the names and suppliers as well as grade of purity of all the chemicals and mention the methods and instruments etc. used during the study. If an already published method is applied then its reference should be written.

Results and Discussions
The results should be clear and concise. The discussion should explore the significance of the results but not a repeat of it. Also avoid extensive citations and discussion of published literature.


conclude the study concisely.

Abbreviations must be explained the first time they are used, both in the Abstract and again in the main text.

Write acknowledgement to the people, institutions, companies or other supporting or funding bodies who helped during the research. Collate acknowledgements in a separate section at the end of the article before the references.


Electronic Artwork
Figures and Tables are required to be clear. Figures of high resolutions are required and Tables in word format are acceptable. In case of bar graphs solid white/gray/black bars are preferred. Figures and Table should be separately numbered and pasted after the reference list.

Figure Captions
Each figure should be provided with a explanatory caption. Please ensure that each caption indicate the basic information about the figure. The figure caption should be written in a separate list after references.

Table title also be shown as figure captions. If necessary please place footnotes to tables below the table body and indicate them with superscript lowercase letters.

All the cited references in the text should be represented in numbers enclosed in brackets in increasing order and their list should be made at the end of the manuscript. In making references list please consider their order in the text. Such as a reference cited first will be numbered as [1], and will also appear at [1] in the reference list. There is no need to cite reference in the abstract. The reference format will be as following:
The first and middle names of authors should be abbreviated and written together without using any comma or full stop, while the last/family name should be represented in full. In case of first author write family name first followed by the abbreviated first and middle names. However, other author names should be written in such a way that the abbreviated first and middle names appears first followed by the family name in full. For Example such as Christian GD, MH Khan and N Shah,
After the authors names a comma will be puted followed by the year of publication and then the article title with first alphabet in capital. For example, ‘Effect of heavy metals on the growth of blue green algae’
The title will be written as, 'Pakht. J. Life Sci.
After mentioning the journal name; write the volume, issue in small bracket and then page number (from-to). For Example 1(1), 10-20.
Hence the Reference style will be:
Christian GD, MH  Khan and N Shah.2012. Effect of heavy metals on the growth of blue green algae, Pakht. J. Life Sci., 1(1): 10-20.
For book reference the same order will be followed except for writing the edition and publishing company name instead of journal name.


After acceptance of the manuscript

A copy of the accepted manuscript will be sent to the corresponding author for proof-reading. After proof-reading the corresponding author will send it back to the editor within the prescribed time.

A copy of the accepted article in PDF format will be sent to the corresponding author via email.

Authors Inquiries
Authors may use the journal home page for any type of information/query or may directly contact the editorial office.