Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

 Bord of Studies Meeting

Date: 19/07/2012


4th Meeting of the Board of Studies in the Subject of Islamic Studies held on July 17, 2012 in the Conference Room of the University.

The following Attended:






Hafiz Salih Ud Din Haqqanee

Chairman Department of Islamic Studies, AWKUM

In Chair


Prof. Dr. Mirajul Islam Zia

Professor/Director Institute of Islamic  and Arabic Studies University of Peshawar



Bashir Ahmed

Associate Professor of Islamiyat G.P.G.C Mardan



Dr. SirajUl Islam

Assistant Professor Department of Islamic Studies, AWKUM



Dr. Abzahir

Assistant Professor Department of Islamic Studies, AWKUM



Dr. Muhammad Tahir

Assistant Professor Department of Islamic Studies, AWKUM



Muhammad Naeem

Assistant Professor Department of Islamic Studies, AWKUM



Dr. Karim Dad

Lecturer Department of Islamic Studies, AWKUM



Muhammad Zubair

Lecturer Department of Islamic Studies, AWKUM



Saeed Ur Rahman

Lecturer Department of Islamic Studies, AWKUM



Gulzar Ali

Lecturer Department of Islamic Studies, AWKUM



Adil Khan

Lecturer Department of Islamic Studies, AWKUM



Sohail Anwar

Lecturer Department of Islamic Studies, AWKUM


The meeting started with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by Muhammad Zubair. The Chairman then welcomed the participants and highlighted the different activities and aspects in detail of the last three (3) years duration since the establishment of the Department of Islamic Studies, AWKUM. He added that the Department has undergone various positive reforms and lunched research level academic programs to meet the challenges of the time, and to bring it to an upper level among the other departments of the University. There after thread bare discussion was started item by item on the Agenda of the Meeting as given below:

Item No: 1       Approval of the minutes of the 3rd- meeting of the Board of Studies held on June 23rd, 2012 placed as annexure “A”.

Decision:         Unanimously approved and appreciated.

Item No: 2Number of seats for admission in BS (Islamic Studies) MA (Islamic Studies) M.Phil and Ph.D (Islamic Studies)                                              
Decision:      Unanimously approved 30 seats for BS Islamic Studies, 50 seats for MA, and for M.Phil and Ph.D programs seats were reserved as per HEC criteria respectively.

Item No: 3           Reservation of seats for admission in Department of Islamic studies for Hafiz Ul Quran
Decision:         20 Marks will be granted with subject to test by a committee, more over the student has to fulfill the criteria of the admission as well.
Item No: 04        Approval of the research topic and research proposal in respect of Mr. Nizam Ud Din M.Phil research Scholar of Batch-I, Who has passed the GAT (General). His topic, synopsis and name of Supervisor and Co-supervisor are placed for consideration.                                                 Annexure B                                                       
Decision:           Unanimously approved

Item No.05         Approval of the topics and research proposal of the students of M.Phil, Batch 2nd of this Department who have completed their course work along with the successful clearance of GAT (General) from NTS Islamabad. Their topics, synopsis and names of supervisors and co-supervisors are placed for consideration.                                      Annexure C
Decision:         Unanimously approved


Item No: 06        Approval of the re-search topics and re-search proposals/synopsis in respect of the following students of M.Phil (Batch – I) who have not yet qualified the GAT (General) from NTS, subject to the clearance of the test cited above before the submission of thesis.

  1. Muhammad Qasim
  2. Imran Ullah
  3. Sana Ullah
  4. Syed Nayyer Sajid                                                                                     Annexure D

Decision:         Unanimously Approved.

Item No: 07        Approval of the revised curriculum of M.A Islamic Studies with following major changes:

  1. Uniformed distribution of courses on the basis of semester i.e. 19 C.Hrs (6 courses per each semester).
  2. Re-Prioritizing/Reshuffling of courses in all of the semesters.
  3. Changes in the Course Title of the course bearing code No. IS-723 & IS-733 (i.e. new name “A Comparative Study of Religions (I) and (II) “respectively).
  4. Introduction of a new course “Role of Media in Islamic Studies” 3 (C.Hrs) and approval of its outlines.
  5. Introduction of General Viva-Voce “Compulsory” for all students. (Except those who opt for thesis).
  6. Guidelines for thesis writing in the subject of Islamic Studies.      Annexure E

Decision:    Approved with amendments. The revised Curriculum will be implemented w.e.f Semester Fall 2012 and onward (new enrolled students) the course code No IS-716 (Role of Media in Islamic Studies) was approved. The course code No.IS-736 (Manahij Ul Muhaddiseen) having two CHs was recommended in the 4th semester in place of General Viva Voce. The following committee was constituted for this purpose.

  1. Dr. Siraj Ul Islam                                                                          (Convener)
  2. Dr.Muhammad Tahir                                                                     (Member)
  3. Mr. Gulzar                                                                                     (Member)

Item No: 08  Re-constitution of the Graduate Studies Committee. Due to certain transfers etc, the Graduate    Committee is submitted to be re-constituted. The new committee is as given below.

       Hafiz Salih Ud Din Haqqanee                                            (Convener)

  1. Dr. Siraj Ul Islam Hanief                                              (Member)
  2. Dr. Muhammad Tahir                                                   (Member)
  3. Dr. Karim Dad                                                              (Member)
  4. Mr. Adil khan                                                                (Member)

Placed for consideration please.
Decision:         Unanimously Approved         

 Additional Agenda Items With The Permission Of The Chair:
Item No.I

  1. Constitution of committee for designing courses of Shariah & Law according to the rules and regulations of Pakistan Bar Council. The Committee consists on the following members:
  2. Hafiz Salih Ud Din Haqqanee                            Convener
  3. Dr. Miraj Ul Islam Zia                                         Member
  4. Syed Raza Shah Gilani                                      Member
  5. Dr. Sirajul Islam                                                Member
  6. Mr. Roohul amin (Advocate)                              Member
  7. Mr. Muhammad Naeem                                     Member
  8. Mr. Adil Khan                                                     Member
  9. Launching of Diploma In shariah (Law) course in the proposed Program.

Item No.2
Approval of the research journal (Mardan Islamicus) for which the following committee constituted.

  1. Dr. Siraj Ul Islam Hanif                       Convener
  2. Mr. Muhammad Naeem                    Member
  3. Mr. Muhammad Zubair                      Member 

Item No.3
The first 20 Ahadith were placed from Arbaeen (NAVAWI) in the course of BS Islamiat Compulsory (Hadith text) as given in the HEC selected courses.
Item No.4
Keeping in view the importance of Arabic language the Board recommended   that the book al Arabia Tu Bina Yadiak first volume to be taught as NCr in each semester of MA level.
The meeting was ended with exchange of mutual courtesies and prayers for the University.