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Volume 05  Number 01 , Jan - July, 2019

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The Institutional Policy Model Of Wali Nanggroe  For Community Resilience post- Conflict In Aceh

Dahlan A. Rahman, Endang Larasati, Sri Suwitri and Budi Puspo Priyadi



1 – 9



Examining The Social Impact of Microfinance on Poverty Reduction

Dr. Saif ul Mujahid Shah, Dr. Anwar ul Mujahid Shah and Syed Rashid Ali Shah

11 – 23





Effect of Islamic Work Ethics on Dimensions of Organizational Justice: A Case of Banks of District Peshawar, KP-Pakistan

Maaz ud Din, Dr. Faisal Khan and Dr. Muhammad Faizan Malik


25 - 32





Antecedent of Job Stress: Causes Need to be Identified A Case of Secondary School Teachers

Shahzad Khan, Dr. Muhammad Tariq Khan and Muhamamd Atiq Rafique Khattak

33 – 43





Earnings Management and Dividend Policy: Testing Audit Quality for the Moderating Effect

Asif Zeb, Dr. Arif  Hussain and Dr. Alam Rahman


45 – 54





Board Composition, Ownership Structure and Dividend Payout Policy: Evidence from PSX-100 Index of Pakistan

Muhammad Naveed Ahmad, Farman Ullah Khan and Yousaf Khan

55 – 73





Socio-Economic Factors Determining Tourism in Sheik Baddin National Park DI Khan Khyber PakhtunKhwa

Muhammad Luqman, Dr. Muhammad Azam Khan and Muhammad Arif

75 – 90



Telecommunication Infrastructure Development and FDI into Asian Developing Nations

Dr. Mumtaz Hussain Shah and Faisal Khan

91 - 102





The Effect of Hostile Environment and Harassment on Employees' Turnover Intentions, Absenteeism and Employees' Performance: A Case Study of Tertiary Hospitals of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Waqas Ahmad, Haji Muhammad Zubair and Sayyam


103 – 116





Impact of Demographic Factors on Consumer’s Purchasing Decision: A Study on the University Students of  Peshawar Region

Ihsan Ullah, Saleem Ullah Khan and Muhammad Idrees


117 – 134





Marketing in the Green: A Description of Direct Selling and Relationship Marketing in Malaysian Jungles

Dr. Mohammad Daud Ali, Dr. Syed Imad Shah and Muhammad Tariq

135 - 142





Impact of Team Identification on Fans’ Trust after Negative Incident: Moderating Role of Mass Media

Uzma Qureshi, Abdul Qayyum and Dr. Shams ur Rehman

143- 158




Impact of Classroom Environment on Student’s Attitude towards School

Lubna Nazneen Qureshi, Dr. Sumayya Hayat and Dr. Junaid Athar Khan


159 - 167





The Myth of Social Capital in Development of Small and Medium Enterprises: A Case Study of Handloom Industry at Peshawar Valley

Dr. Mujib ur Rahman, Abdur Rahman & Shah Raza Khan


169 - 181





External Factors and Capital Structure

Zia ur Rehman, Sher Ali Khan and Asad Khan

183 – 193



Impact of Micro Finance Institutes (MFI’s) on the Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Syed Uzair, Dr. Fahad Khan Afridi and Samina Rooh

195 - 214





The Impact of Behavioral Biases on Stock Volatility: Evidence From Pakistan Stock Exchange

Irfan Ullah, Dr. Muhammad Zahid and Zain Ullah



215 – 225





Measuring the Level of Relational Coordination Among Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) Professionals

Abid Ahmad, Dr. Anjum Ihsan and Shiraz Khan



227 – 237


Impact of Organizational Communication Strength on Employee engagement: The Mediating Role of  Perceived Supervisor Support and Moderating Role of Organizational Trust

Dr. Muzammel Shah, Bahrawar Said and Sorath Mahar


239 - 252