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Volume 04  Number 02 , July - December, 2018

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Liquidity choice: A Study of Theoretical and Empirical Mystery in Context of Pakistan


Dr. Naveed Hussain Shah, Dr. Muhammad Arif, Dr Muhammad Asad Khan and Dr.Muhammad Faizan Malik



1 – 9




Modelling Volatility in Measuring Market Risk with Value-at-Risk (VaR): Evidence From Pakistan


Shakeel Ahmd, Muhammad Nisar Khan, Dr. Muhammad Ilyas and Dr. Ihtesham Khan

11 – 20




Stock Market Development And Economic Growth: Evidence From Pakistan


 Muhammad Kamran, Dr. Muhammad Zahid, Said Wali and Kamran Rizwan

21 – 38




The Effect of Training and Compensation on Job Performance; Accessing the Moderating Role of Motivation: A Case Study  of Public Sector of Pakistan


Muhammad Shahbaz Akram, Asad Sarfaraz Khan, Dr. Syed Mohsin Ali Shah and Dr.Junaid Athar Khan


39 - 51




Investigating the Impact of External Debt on Economic Growth: A Case Study of Pakistan


Irum Sajjad, Muhammad Bilal and Dr. Muammad Azam Khan


53 – 63





Impact of Firm Characteristics on IPO’s Short Run Performance: Evidence from Pakistan


Kamran Farooq,  Saeed Akbar, Kiran Alim and Sourath



65 – 78




Levels of Academic Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence, Team Emotional Climate & Team Member Job Satisfaction


Muhammad Adnan Rehman, Muhammad Nauman Habib and Shahzad Khan


79 – 87




Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy and Capital Structure


Zia ur Rehman, Asad Khan, Sher Ali Khan and Shah Raza Khan


89 – 97




The Influence of Human Resource Practices on the Retention of Core Employees


Shehnaz Sahibzada, Dr. Shahid Jan, Syed Imran Khan and Muhammad Abdul Haseeb

99 - 111





Investor Sentiment in Stock Market: A Case of Pakistan Super League in Pakistan Stock Exchange


Furqan Ullah, Muhammad Asif and Faiza Mehreen

113 – 133




The Impact of Employee Engagement on Task Performance


Dr. Hazrat Bilal, Arshad Ali Khan Khursheed Ahmad and Dr. Syed Naseeb Shah


135 – 141




Impact of Work Life Balance on Organizational Commitment: Mediating role of Perceived Organizational Support


Anum, Dr. Muhammad Tufail, Muhammad Bilal and Sayyam

143- 155






Impact of HR Practices on Organizational Citizenship  Behavior and Turnover Intentions


Muhammad Atiq Rqfique Khattak, Madiha Khan and Dr. Daud Ali

157- 172







Assessing the Influence of Selected Human Capital Management Factors on the Organizational Performance of Higher Education Sector in Afghanistan


Muhammad Qasim Ayaz, Abdul Qahar, Dr. Raza Ullah and Dr. Mutsafa Afeef


173 - 180







Effect of Institutional and Insider Ownership on Dividend Policy: Evidence from Pakistan


Riffat Shaheen and Dr. Sabeeh Ullah


181 - 192






Organizational Culture of HEIs: What matters the most?


Dr. Anjum Ihsan, Abid Ahmad, Dr. Fayyaz Ali Shah and Hamid Ullah


193 – 203






Impact of Career Salience on Employees Job Involvement, Analyzing the Moderating Role Of Organization Citizenship Behavior


Roqia Malik, Dr. Muhammad Zia ur Rehman, Dr. Fahad Sultan and Mohammad Umair Khan




205 – 222





The Predictors of Organizational Commitment: A Case Study of Private School Teachers in Pakistan


Faheem Ullah Qureshi, Dr. Aqsa Siddiq, Abdul Majid and Rukhsar



223 – 236




The Effect of Customer Loyalty Programs on Customer Retention in Pakistan


Syed Majid Khalil, Obaid Ullah and Dr. Syed Haider Khalil


237 - 251




Heuristic and Biases Related to Financial Investment and the Role of Behavioral Finance in Investment Decisions: A  Case  Study of Pakistan Stock Exchange


Yasir Khan, Abdul Waheed Khan, Mukharif Shah and Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman




253 - 262







Learning English as a Second Language: Orientations Among the Undergraduate Students of Business Administration in  Southern Punjab


Uzma Sadiq, Nazia Suleman, Muhammad Zahid Nawaz and Irum Gul




263 – 271






Impact of Organizational Culture on Conflict Management Styles: Moderating Role of Emotional Intelligence


Dr. Amir Ishaque, Mubashar Hassan Zia, Muhammad Irfan & Neelam Akbar Marwat


273 - 291