Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

Book Published

Date: 05/06/2015


Mr. Kausar Saeed Lecturer Zoology Department Buner Campus published a book title is "Exploring the wild avian fauna of Totallai game reserve" in Lambert Academic Publishing.

Book language: English

Blurb/Shorttext: Birds are one of the most popular life forms on the planet, and its diversity leads to a richness of life and beauty. Apart from this, birds have always fascinated mankind with their intrinsically beautiful plumage, melodious songs and artistic behavior .There are around 9000 species of birds living in the world today, with a tremendous diversity of life style. Besides this, birds are valuable for many aspects i.e. sensitive indicator of pollution and also play great role in pest control. This book deals with the wild avian fauna of totallai game reserve district buner. This book will be helpful for the students, teachers and researchers dealing with the avian fauna of Totallai game reserve.

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