Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

Paper Published

Date: 05/07/2013


Mr. Wasim Ahmad, Mr. Usman Khalid, Students of Department of Computer Science has published a Research Paper entitled "A Google Map Based Social Network (GMBSN) for Exploring Information about a Specific Territory" from their Final Year (BCS) Semester Project under the Supervision of Mr. Ashraf Zia, Lecturer Department of Computer Science.

The research paper has been published in the "Journal of Software Engineering and Applications".


Social Networking is a harbinger to a more recent era in the area of computing where allocated and central resources are used in an exclusive manner. Millions of people around the globe with access to the internet are part of one or more social networks. They have permanent online accounts on Facebook and Twitter etc. where they create profiles, share photos, videos, useful links, their thoughts and spend hours catching up with what their friends are doing in their lives. The problem arise when somebody needs specific information about any city inside a country e.g. Where he/she can live? What he/she can eat? Where is the best place for outing? What are the special events relevant to that region? And may be any other help? In this paper we suggest a social network called Google map based social network (GMBSN), where users can choose their desired city of interest from the list. The selected city will be highlighted on Google map. After choosing any city from the map, the user will be able to select any category from the list and start finding and sharing information about the desired city of any country.

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