Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

Department of Psychology


About Department

Welcome to AWKUM’s Department of Psychology, one of the newly established but a very vibrant and intellectual diverse department. The department of Psychology is a community of young and energetic researchers, excellent teachers and diverse and highly trained graduate students and committed staff. Our community also includes an Assistant Professor (the Chair), four lecturers and two research Assistants having MS/MPhil and MSc qualifications, 5 Administrative staff and a student body of 210 with a huge female student’s population. The department runs both a 4 year BS and 2 year MSc programmes.

Psychology is one of the most popular program and applications to our BS and MSc programmes in psychology is strong. This is one of the most sought after academic and professional degree especially for female prospective students. The reason mainly is that psychology would not only equip you with theoretical knowledge but would also train you with the practical and professional skills, techniques and scientific methods that would improve your job prospects. Hence, having a degree in psychology may prove a very good career path for students.

The focus of the Psychology Department and its faculty is on teaching, advising, and mentoring students. All of our faculty possess high qualifications and are dedicated to scholarship and the scientific study of psychology. Their commitment to the intellectual, career, and personal development of students is their first priority.
Students in our department have wonderful opportunities. They can:

  • conduct research with colleagues and faculty and present papers at professional conferences
  • complete internships and field experiences for academic credit in local agencies and organizations
  • Student who excel in studies would found support and assistance in the shape of scholarships and funding.
  • However, best of all, AWKUM psychology majors can (and do) grow both personally and professionally.
  • Students would have access to a health library on both the campus and digital library and online resources.

Need more information about psychology at AWKUM? I invite you to review our web site, which includes detailed information about our department and our BS and MSc programs.

If, after looking at the information on our web site you find that you still have questions, please email our department (psychology@awkum.edu.pk). If you have not already done so, I also encourage you to make a personal visit to our campus and department. There are no certainties in life, but I am confident that you will be pleased with a decision to study psychology at AWKUM.                                                                                                                 


Ghazan Nawaz
Acting Chair,
Department of Pschology, AWKUM.