Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology


About Department

Founded in 2011, the Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology, AWKUM offers information on the archaeology, history, anthropology, traditional art, folklore and natural history. It was inaugurated by the honourable Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ihsan Ali on 20th July 2011. The purpose of its establishment within the University is to engage faculty and students to draw upon the collection and to enrich their understanding of their culture and past.

The museum is equipped with ethnological material in the first phase while after conducting excavations in the region; archaeological material will also be brought into the showcases. Meanwhile, the staff of the museum is purchasing the material and it also collects the donated material from the local community. The digitization of the museum artifacts has also started and each object is recorded on a database after its physical verification. The objective for the computerization of record is to present it to all in an informative manner.

The local community including the faculty members and students of AWKUM has donated few objects to the museum for which the museum administration pays gratitude and appreciation, and their contribution will duly be acknowledged. We also encourage people to donate traditional dresses, jewelry, weapons, coins, manuscripts, paintings, household utensils, and agricultural tools. Which once brought to the museum would become precious.