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Department of Mathematics Brief


About Department

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Department of Mathematics started simultaneously with that of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan in Feb 2009. The Department initially started M.Sc. in Mathematics and later introduced BS (Hons), M. Phil and PhD programmes. The department intends to introduce M.Sc (Statistics) in near future.
Mathematics has played and is playing a vital role in a rapidly changing world of science and technology. It has developed tremendously in the last century and these developments have further been accelerated by the use of information technology in every walk of life. This motivated to the discovery of various new techniques in mathematics. Modern era of science and technology has proved that not only the natural sciences but the social and administrative sciences have also been developed to the extent that they too, need an input of mathematics.

Mission of the Department:
Mathematics is, undoubtedly, essential for nature, life and social sciences. Therefore, the main mission of the Mathematics Department is to offer high quality instruction and research to all its undergraduate and graduate students in order to prepare them life-long learners and responsible citizens of the community.  In addition, the department offers consultations in Statistics and Applied mathematics to other faculties and graduate students.

Aims of the Department
• To convert the department into a mathematical research institute.
• Strengthen the number and quality of PhD faculty (at least 30 PhD doctors).
• To start new programmes in different field of Mathematics such as Mathematical Biology,
Mathematical Finance, Parallel Computing, Economics etc.
• To establish an institute for Fluid Mechanics.
• To establish numerical simulations labs, computing labs in the department.

The department strives not only to teach the main ideas and methods of mathematics but also to build up student's mathematical reasoning and analytical skills in a friendly and comfortable environment. As the department offers mathematics courses to students of other degree programs, our mission in this regard, is to make sure that these courses are taught at high standards and meet the needs of these programmes.

Vision Statement of the Department

The Mathematics Department at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan aspires to be recognized nationally and internationally for excellence and distinction as research institute.
Mathematics major and non-major students in this department will receive outstanding preparation through innovative high quality instructions from a team of distinguished faculty in up-to-date computer labs for graduate study or professional careers or for entry to the workforce in industry or academia.
The department aspires, with its well-known experienced faculty, to be a valuable and expert resource of consultation for the community and for businesses and institutions.
The department also recognizes the role of research in the development of its faculty members and graduate students. Therefore, the department plans to hold conferences, workshops and seminars on regular basis. The department also encourages and funds its faculty to participate in international specialized conferences and workshops.

Courses Offered
2.BS-04years (Integrated)
3.M.Sc Maths
4.M. Phil Maths
5.Ph.D in processes of admission