Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

Message from Chairman, Institute of Business Studies and Leadership


About IBSL

“Science is the only true guide in life”
                                   Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Management Science uses a specific body of information, literature and facts to guide the behaviour of managers. Practicing managers, when faced with a managerial dilemma, use the scientific foundations of management to determine the accurate course of action. At the Department of Management Sciences, AWKUM, students are scientifically trained in management sciences and groomed as holistic individuals. It involves academic excellence, leadership, communication, entrepreneurship and total personality development. Moral, social, cultural and ethical values are made essential component of personality development. Students are equipped to face the challenges of a “technology driven managerial career”. The final product ― our managers, are ready to play their roles in the growth of corporations and welfare of the society. This is the broader vision of our Department at AWKUM.

The Department of Management Sciences is located within the Faculty of Arts. Since its inception in 2009, the Department has rapidly grown both in the number of students and faculty. Currently, we have 611 students which constitute one-half of all the students at the main campus. We have a talented faculty consisting of 17 lecturers and 8 teaching assistants. A number of our teaching faculty is doing PhDs in Management Sciences from Birmingham City University, UK. Currently, we offer BBA, BS (Banking and Finance) and MBA programs. We intend to offer MS in management sciences in the near future.

I welcome all the talented students to the Department of Management Sciences at AWKUM. Join us if you want to be challenged academically.