Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

Department of Environmental Sciences


About Department

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Nowadays environmental pollution has put an additional stress on ecosystem like other environmental problems. Population growth, increasing resource demands, urbanization,  loss of forest, solid waste disposal, degradation of environment,  unsustainable development, global warming, ozone layer depletion and loss of biodiversity have made every one aware of environmental issues. To draw the attention of the people towards the deteriorating condition of the environment, adequate academic programmes related to the environmental studies are necessary.  Environmental education is an integral part of not only our health, hygiene and aesthetics related issues but it has been introduced in the planning and development of the country through Environmental Assessment Process. Therefore we strongly believe that promotion of quality education will not only help attract most talented students to this discipline but also develop and strengthening the Faculty of Environmental Sciences to such an extent that it would contribute significantly towards environment protection and conservation of natural resources in the country. Department of Environmental Sciences, not only introduce the latest environmental education and research in Khyber Pukhtonkhuwa but also produce skilled and trained manpower for environmental protection, conservation and sustainable development at national level, which are objectives of our social sector policies.


  • Educate the students in different fields of the environmental sciences
  • Research in environmental protection, conservation and sustainable development
  •  Social change in the attitude and behaviors of the student towards environmental awareness.


  • Strengthening the purposeful education and quality research in environmental field


The increase in the number of environmental graduates will play an effective role in changing the attitudes and behavior of the society as a whole towards environment conservation, protection and rising environmental awareness.