Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

Department of Computer Science


About Department

Chairman Message:

Computer Science is enormously popular field of science in 21 century. It affected an individual’slife through its widespreadapplications. Information technology has immense impact on development and uprising of a country. We must educate and equip our human resource on information technology to meet the new challenges of the modern world. Those countries that will use IT will encounter the challenges easily and will risein standings of the developed countries.

Being head of the department of computer science, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan (Buner Campus) my vision is to educate and train my students on the pattern of international first class universities.
Currently the department of computer science has initiated the following program of study.

1)  BS (CS) program whose duration is 4 years
2)  MCS whose duration is 2 years.

The department of computer science possesses state of the art infrastructure, contain IT computer lab, and highlyqualified faculty members whom are freshly hired and enriched with knowledge. Iwant to see this Department as one of the leading institutions of the province from where the rays of light will spread across the province generally and Buner specifically.
(“Knowledge is love and light and vision”.  HelenKeller)


Marwan Khan
Chairman Computer Science