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Visit Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan

The best way to explore AWKUM unique lively, traditional, urban experience is to pay us a visit. Students from the whole province and the whole country are encouraged to visit us at least once before applying to this prestigious and new emerging university. The newly inducted students are briefed about the city of Mardan and the university. They are also helped for their hostel accommodation if the new student is from outside Mardan.

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry has 22 academic staff, 8 administrative staff, and 9 technical and attendant staff.

The Department has an active research program that spans all sub-disciplines of Chemistry, and is involved in a great many inter-departmental and international research programs. Research income is earned from national, international and commercial sources, and several groups are involved in networks of different laboratories across the country as well as have fully established collaborations with international experts. The Department has a strong research community consisting of the academic staff, appointees through different HEC programs, and postgraduate students. Postgraduate students entering the Department automatically become part of Chemistry. Different research projects are being carried out in department with the help of funding from different funding agencies.

The Department fosters an interdisciplinary approach to research and members of the Department have strong links with colleagues in the physical, technological and biological sciences. There is an extensive overlap of interests with the Physics, especially in surface and solid state science, polymeric and optical materials, and with the Biochemistry in the fields including cancer studies, enzymatic studies, antimicrobial and drug development.

The principal undergraduate honors degree course in Chemistry provides students with a broad base in the subject, with approximately equal time being given to each of Organic, Inorganic, Analytical and Physical Chemistry. The Department also provides modules in Chemistry to other Science students, and to students of Health Sciences.

Highly regarded and relatively new laboratories for all of the Department undergraduate teaching are located on the main campus. There is also a dedicated laboratory for the instruments. The Chemistry Building houses the School Office, two lecture theatres; four research laboratories, a number of instrument rooms and much of the School's major instrumentation.

Dr. Noor Ul Amin
Chairman Department of Chemistry