Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

A Sketch of the CDC Objectives


About C.D.C

  • To provide a plat-form to seek information and employment for students of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan.
  • To assist students to make appropriate and pragmatic career choices and career plans.
  • To effectively improve students in behavior and skills necessary to seek and qualify for job.
  • To direct and provide information regarding scholarships.
  • To improve the skills of students for competitive exams of civil, federal and public services.
  • Maintaining liaison with Federal/ Provincial P.S.C for obtaining material on competitive exams for Civil Services
  • Maintain constant liaison with Educational Institutes and to develop interaction of students with Teachers.
  • To assist students in Resume and letter writing skills.
  • To guide students choose further higher education in Pakistan or abroad in their study area with the help of Higher Education Commission (HEC).
  • To arrange Mock Interviews and prepare students for the real job interviews and develop their communication skills.
  • to conduct workshops to improve communication skill of the students
  • To conduct workshops and seminars to encourage students and urge them towards employment.
  • To conduct workshops and seminars for the employees of AWKUM to improve their Communication and English Language skills.
  • To arrange workshops, seminars and meetings of of the students AWKUM¬† and Alumni with potential employers as resource persons.
  • To provide career planning resources to help determine career goals.
  • Inviting Government officers, judges, women entrepreneur for interaction with students.
  • Providing one to one counseling to students for suitable career selection.
  • To act as medium of communication amongst students, industries and professionals bodies to promote career opportunities for students.
  • to conduct capacity building workshops to enhance students proficiency in following areas:

             (a) Resume & Letter Writing Skills
             (b) Interviewing Skills
             (c) Communication Skills
             (d) Job Search Strategies
             (e) Internship Facilitation

  • Facilitates University graduates by providing internship opportunities in its associate organizations.
  • Establishment of Library Corner to provide variety of books related to different subjects.
  • To prepare the students for playing responsible role to strengthen micro environment.
  • To equip students for devising solid business plans to face the hostile challenges of the hour.