Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

Ph.D Degree Rules


Rules & Statutes


1. Short title, commencement and application

1.1 These Regulations may be known as General Regulations, pertaining to the award of Ph.D degree, framed under Clause-30 Sub Clause-1 Para(a) of Abdul Wali Khan university, Mardan Act-2009.
1.2 These Regulations shall come into force with immediate effect and shall be applicable to all students registered for Ph.D programme.

2. Definitions:
In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions shall be understood as hereby explained:
(a) ‘University’ means Abdul Wali Khan university, Mardan;
(b) “Academic Council” means the Academic Council of Abdul Wali Khan university, Mardan;
(c) “Academic Department” means a teaching, research or technology development department maintained and administered by the university;
(d) “Affiliated College” means an educational institution affiliated with the university but not maintained or administered by it;
(e) “Authority’ means any of the authorities of the university specified in chapter 4, clause-18, sub clause-1 of Abdul Wali Khan university, Mardan Act-2009;
(f) “Advanced Studies and Research Board” means Advanced Studies and Research Board of the university;
(g) “Board of Faculty” means the Board of Faculty of the university;
(h) “Board of Studies” means the Board of Studies of the university;
(i) “Chairman of the Department/Director of the Institute” means the head of an Academic Department and includes the Chairperson;
(j) “Chancellor” means the Chancellor of the university.
(k) “Committee” means a Committee constituted for a specific purpose;
(l) “Dean” means the Dean of the Faculty, who is also Chairperson of the Board of Faculty;
(m) “Faculty” means a Faculty of the university;
(n) “Government” means the Government of the North-West-Frontier Province;
(o) “Prescribed” means prescribed by Statutes, Regulations or Rules made under Abdul Wali Khan university, Mardan Act;
(p) “Registered Graduate” means a graduate of the university who has his name entered in the register maintained for this purpose;
(q) “Statutes”, “Regulations” and “Rules” respectively mean the Statutes, the Regulations and the Rules made or deemed to have been made under the Act of Abdul Wali Khan university, Mardan;
(r) Syndicate” means the Syndicate of the university;
(s) “Teachers” includes Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Lecturers engaged whole time by the university or by the college for teaching a diploma, degree or postgraduate classes and engaged in research and development and such other persons who may be declared as Teacher by Regulations;
(t) “Vice-Chancellor” means the Vice Chancellor of the university.
(u) “Ph.D” means the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
(v) “Supervisor” means a faculty member holding a Ph.D degree, appointed by the Advanced Studies and Research Board to supervise the Ph.D students.
(w) “Co-Supervisor” means a person holding a Ph.D degree and is employed in an academic/research institution and who, in the opinion of the Board of Advanced Studies and Research has the ability to supervise the Ph.D research.
(x) “Comprehensive Examination Committee” means a Committee constituted for the purpose of conducting comprehensive examination.

3. Objectives
A Ph.D programme of Abdul Wali Khan university, Mardan in various disciplines is designed to:
i. Prepare Scholars with a general command of their respective disciplines and a specific mastery of the area of specialization;
ii. Develop potential in students for advanced level of research.
iii. Provide opportunities of professional growth to scholars, thereby enabling them to contribute original research to the world research pool;
iv. Undertake independent & self-directed research work and effectively guide others in advanced research;

4. Eligibility

4.1 A person who meets the following criteria may be registered as a Ph.D student:
4.2 An M.Phil degree or its equivalent in the subject from a recognized University/Institution;
4.3 A university / College teacher or a member of the research staff of a research organization with three years’ experience in the field who has shown undoubted promise for research and holds MA, MSc, MS, MBBS and DVM or equivalent degree in the relevant discipline, at least in 2nd division, from a recognized university / Institute may be recommended by the Admission Committee for admission to M.Phil leading to Ph.D programme.
4.4 After successful completion of two semesters, a student registered for M.Phil degree may be transferred, on the recommendations of the Admission Committee of the department to the Advanced Studies and Research Board, to the Ph.D programme provided that the student has passed the M.Phil course work required for the degree, obtaining at least a B grade according to the grading system of Abdul Wali Khan university, Mardan. The time spent by the candidate in the MPhil course work may be counted towards the residence requirement for Ph.D programme.
4.5 No objection certificate from the employer is required to be attached with admission form, routed through proper channel in case of in-service candidates.

5. Admission and Registration
5.1 GRE (International) subject test must be qualified before admission to the program is confirmed.
5.2 A candidate seeking admission to a Ph.D programme shall apply on the prescribed form.
5.3 The application shall be submitted to the Chairman of the department in which the student wishes to pursue his/her studies.
5.4 All applications received in the department shall be scrutinized by the Departmental Admission Committee to be constituted by the Vice-Chancellor.
5.5 The Admissions Committee shall interview and recommend to the Advanced Studies & Research Board the candidates who are found eligible for admission to Ph.D programme.
5.6 The Advanced Studies & Research Board shall approve the admission.
5.7 The university shall issue a “notification of registration” to each candidate approved for admission to Ph.D programme.
5.8 Each student so selected shall be required to register and pay the dues within 30 days from the date of issuance of the notification of registration, failing which the admission of the selected candidate shall be deemed as cancelled.

6. Migration / Transference

A candidate of M.Phil/Ph.D degree programme may migrate from other universities to Abdul Wali Khan university, Mardan subject to the production of migration / transference certificate from the university concerned.

7. Fees

1) Admission Fee Rs. 5500/- (Once)
2) Registration Fee Rs. 3500/- (Once)
3) Tuition Fee Rs. 5500/- (Per Semester)
4) Identity Card Charges Rs. 100/-(Once)
5) Laboratory Charges Rs. 2000/- (Per Semester)
6) Library Charges Rs. 600/-(Per Semester)
7) Security (refundable) Rs. 2000/- (Once)
8) Library Security (refundable) Rs. 2000/- (Once)
Total Rs. 
Thesis Evaluation Fee Rs. 3000/-
Fee for Re-examination Rs. 3000/-
Degree Fee Rs. 3000/-
Degree Fee in absentia Rs. 3000/-
Duplicate of degree Rs. 3000/-
Note: Dues are subjected to revision from time to time

8. Programme of Studies

8.1 The minimum period for the completion of Ph.D requirements shall be three years from the date of registration, and the maximum period shall be six years. Only, under exceptional circumstances, to be described in detail by candidate and supported by the Supervisor, the Research Board may allow extension beyond six years.
8.2 The courses shall be selected with the approval of the Supervisor from amongst the courses being offered in the department.
8.3 The Academic Council may change, relax the eligibility criteria for a candidate in terms of his/her qualifications and experience.
8.4 Residence requirement of two years shall be necessary for a students pursuing Ph.D programme. However, in case where the Supervisor and Co-Supervisor are satisfied that research work can be carried out outside the university, residency requirement may be exempted / relaxed, for reasons to be recorded.
8.5 A Ph.D student falling in the category defined by Clause 4.2 above shall be required to pass M.Phil courses within the first four semesters of admission.
8.6 Make-up and / or extra course(s) will not be counted towards Ph.D.
8.7 Ph.D students will hold one by one a seminar each month to create a culture of research at the university until the submission of their theses§.
8.8 All scholars must publish a scholarly paper in an HEC recognized journals.
8.9 Ph.D dissertation must be approved by at least two foreign experts from academically advanced countries.

9. Removal from the Student Register

The Advanced Studies and Research Board may decide to struck of the rolls of a Ph.D student from the register:
(a) in case of unethical conduct on the part of the Ph.D students;
(b) in case the dues for the Semester have not been paid;
(c) when there are two consecutive adverse reports by the Supervisor with regard to his / her progress in the research.
(d) after having been registered for a period of 8 years.
(e) at the request of the Ph.D student.

10. Supervision and Monitoring

10.1 Appointment of Supervisor
(a) The Advanced Studies and Research Board will appoint a supervisor and (a co-supervisor, if necessary) and approve the field of research, title and outline of research on the recommendations of the department concerned.
(b) A supervisor will be required to: -
i. have a Ph.D or equivalent degree;
ii. have sufficient research experience; and
iii. supervise not more than three Ph.D and four M.Phil students at a time;
(c) On the request of the Ph.D student and in consultation with the Chairman concerned, the Advanced Studies and Research Board may change the Supervisor, within a period of one year after registration.
(d) In case of a conflict between the supervisor and the candidate for recorded reasons the supervisor or co-supervisor may be changed by the Board.

10.2 Supervision
(a) The Supervisor will define, provide advice and guide regarding the research problems and design and help establish a timetable for the entire work (within the first three months of the admission).
(b) The Supervisor will supervise the Ph.D research. He/she will ensure that sufficient consultation takes place between him & the Ph.D scholar. The Supervisor is answerable to the Advanced Studies and Research Board for the academic quality of the thesis, regarding both contents and report. He / she will also ensure the observance of all procedures related to the thesis and the graduation.
(c) The Supervisor shall submit a detailed biannual report to the Advanced Studies and Research Board on the progress of the student.
(d) The Supervisor will act as an examiner for the thesis.
(e) Intimate the Chairman / Director to take appropriate action in case the student’s progress is not satisfactory.
(f) Honorarium to the supervisor and co-supervisor will be made as per policy of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, in vogue from time to time.

10.3 Monitoring
(a) The Ph.D student will report quarterly to the Supervisor including:
i. a progress report on the Ph.D research (including the planning for the next year);
ii. a complete list of research output (articles, papers, conference proceedings etc.).

11. Comprehensive Examination and Seminar
11.1 A student shall be required to pass a comprehensive examination, consisting of a written and an oral part, within two years of admission to the Ph.D programme.
11.2 If a student does not pass the comprehensive examination in the first attempt, he/she may be given one more chance on the recommendation of his/her Supervisor. The registration of a Ph.D student shall be deemed as cancelled if he/she does not pass the comprehensive examination even in the second attempt.
11.3 The comprehensive examination shall consist of written and oral parts. The examination shall be conducted by a Ph.D Examination Committee appointed by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendations of the Chairman of the department and Dean of the faculty concerned in consultation with the Supervisor / Co-supervisor. The Supervisor of the student will also be a member of this committee. The pass percentage for comprehensive examination shall be 2.5 GPA or 50% marks.
11.4 After passing the comprehensive examination, but before the submission of his / her thesis, a Ph.D student will take at least one seminar, open to the public, on a topic relevant to his / her field of research.

12. Thesis / Dissertation
The thesis may consist of:
(a) an academic treatise on a specific subject.
(b) a number of special academic treatise, all or some of which have already been published, provided that there is a clear proof of a common link to a specific subject and clear exposition of that link in the preface;
(c) an experimental and theoretical concept;
(d) it shall form a distinct contribution to knowledge and afford evidence of originality, shown by the discovery of new facts by the exercise of independent, critical judgment and / or by the invention of new methods of investigations;
(e) it shall not include research work (except references) for which a degree has already been conferred by this or any other university of the world and it shall be certified that there is no plagiarism in the research work;
(f) the student shall be required to give a declaration that the research work he is submitting has not been submitted before, nor shall it be used in future for obtaining a similar degree;
(g) it should be written in English, except in case of a research programme in Urdu language or literature, and the presentation must be satisfactory for publication.
(h) any part of thesis published before its submission, may be appended at the end of the thesis;
(i) a Ph.D student shall submit six copies of the thesis (one of which will be hard bound) duly approved by the supervisor, to the Controller of Examinations before the viva voce examination. The bound copy will be deposited by the Controller of Examinations in the library of the concerned department
(j) the thesis shall be typed on A4 size (11.69" x 8.27") paper with double line spacing, with a margin of 1 ½" on the left and 1" to the right, top and bottom of each page. The thesis shall be hard bound with sky blue cloth colour and lettered in gold on the front and the spine.
(k) the title page of the thesis should be modeled on the one given in the appendix at Page 381
(l) all rights of publication of thesis in book form are reserved with Abdul Wali Khan university, Mardan and the thesis will be published with only the written permission of the university. Any violation to this effect will be charged under copy-right Act.

13. Approval by Supervisor
13.1 The Ph.D thesis will be subjected to the scrutiny by the supervisor. The supervisor will intimate his/her approval of the thesis to the Pre-submission Examination Committee (Page 382).
13.2 The Pre-submission Examination Committee constituted by the Vice Chancellor on the recommendation of the Chairman of the Department concerned shall comprise the supervisor and three faculty members of the relevant subject. The Committee shall be chaired by the Dean of the faculty concerned.
13.3 A Ph.D student will furnish the members of the Pre-submission Examination Committee with a copy of the manuscript approved by the supervisor.
13.4 The Committee will decide as to whether the Ph.D thesis is the proof of student’s ability to independently conduct academic research leading to furthering of knowledge. The Committee shall take decision within four weeks after receiving the manuscript.
13.5 The Committee will decide by majority of votes the suitability of the manuscript submitted by the student for evaluation.

14. Examination
14.1 The candidate shall in the first instance submit four unbound copies of his/ her completed thesis along with an application on prescribed form for the evaluation of his / her thesis, duly forwarded by his / her supervisor and the chairman of the department.
14.2 The examination procedure will be as defined here under:
(a) There shall be a standing list of external examiners for each department consisting of the persons of eminence in the respective field of research from technologically advanced countries. The list shall be updated by the Board of Studies of the Department / Board of Faculty concerned from time to time and approved by the Advanced Studies and Research Board. The external (two from technologically advanced countries) examiners will be requested to critically examine the thesis for its suitability for the award a Ph.D degree;
(b) The supervisor shall suggest a panel of at least six external examiners from the approved list. The Vice Chancellor shall appoint three examiners from the suggested panel to evaluate the thesis;
14.3 The reports of the external examiners shall be placed before the Advanced Studies and Research Board for consideration.
14.4 If the thesis is adjudged as adequate by two of the three external examiners, the Advanced Studies and Research Board shall allow the candidate to appear in the viva voce (thesis defense examination);
14.5 If two of the three external examiners find that the thesis is wholly inadequate, the Advanced Studies and Research Board may reject it.
14.6 If any of the examiners suggest modifications / revision of the thesis, the candidate shall be required to submit a revised version of the thesis, duly certified by the supervisor, within six months;
14.7 The revised version of the thesis shall be approved by the same examiner who suggested modification / revision of the thesis;
14.8 If any of the examiners finds the thesis adequate but suggests minor modification / revision, this may be incorporated without referring again to the examiners, but within maximum of three months period;
14.9 The viva voce examination shall be conducted by the two local examiners appointed by the Vice Chancellor from the panel approved by the Advanced Studies and Research Board, the Supervisor and the Chairman of the Department concerned;
14.10 The viva voce examination shall be open to the public but the evaluation will be done only by the panel of examiners;
14.11 If the candidate fails to satisfy the examiners in the viva voce examinations, he / she may be given a chance to defend the thesis for the second and final time within a period of six months;

15. Admission to degree
15.1 A candidate who successfully completes all the requirements shall be awarded, with the approval of the Advanced Studies and Research Board and the Syndicate, the degree of Ph.D under the seal of the university.
15.2 The Vice Chancellor may approve the recommendations of the Advanced Studies and Research Board on behalf of the Syndicate regarding the award of Ph.D degree to the candidate.

16. Preparation and Distribution of the Thesis
16.1 After fulfilling the requirements in article 17.1 and 17.2, a Ph.D student may proceed with reproducing his / her thesis. He will submit three hardbound copies of the thesis to the Chairman of the Department one for the Departmental Library, one for the Controller of Examinations and one for the Central Library of the university.
16.2 Advertisement of any sort in the thesis is prohibited.
16.3 A Ph.D student shall also furnish the Chairman of the Department concerned with a soft copy of the approved thesis.

17. Announcement Regarding Ph.D Programme
17.1 The Press and Publications or media wing of the university will be responsible for public announcements regarding Ph.D degree and will be of assistance to the Ph.D student in this matter.
17.2 The Ph.D student will be given a certificate of the Ph.D degree signed by the Chairman of the Department, the supervisor and one of the local external examiners, subject to clearance by the concerned university Authorities.

18. Award of Ph.D Degree
18.1 The proper degree shall be awarded to the Ph.D student in the convocation following the announcement of Ph.D degree provided that a minimum of six months (relaxable) have lapsed between such an announcement and the date of convocation.

19. Honorary Degree

19.1 Syndicate of the Abdul Wali Khan university, Mardan has the right to confer an honorary Ph.D degree on a person in the field of science or award him/her scholarship for his/her outstanding services to the country, ummah or humanity in general.
19.2 The decision of subjected the Syndicate to confer an honorary degree shall, however, be subject to the confirmation by the Chancellor and shall be made at a meeting held after proper consideration and supported by two-third majority of the members present at the meeting.

20. Validity
20.1 These rules and regulations will be applicable with effect from Spring Semester 2004.

21. Change in Regulations
21.1 These regulations may be changed / amended from time to time, dictated by the requirements of study programmes to suit the changing needs of the time and the programmes.

22. Minimum Criteria for M.Phil/MS and Ph.D Programmes
Minimum requirements for M.Phil/MS and Ph.D programmes are as follow:
Sixteen years of schooling or 4 year education (130 credit hours) after HSSC/F.A. / F.Sc/Grade 12 equivalent will be required for admission in the M.Phil/MS programme leading to Ph.D.
GRE (International) Subject Test will be necessary at the time of admission to M.Phil/MS programme leading to Ph.D.
The minimum acceptable scores in GRE are as follows:
i. 40% Percentile Score: Valid for Admission until December 31, 2009
ii. 45% Percentile Score: Valid for Admission until December 31, 2010
iii. 50% Percentile Score: Valid for Admission until December 31, 2011
iv. 60% Percentile Score: Valid for Admissions thereafter.
For presently continuing students (Admissions before January 11, 2010), the candidates must pass the GRE (International) Subject Test before submission of Ph.D. Dissertation. In disciplines where this test is not available, the test will be made available locally by National Testing Service (NTS), and if the Test is not available in NTS subject list, then a university Committee consisting of at least 3 Ph.D. faculty members in the subject area and approved by the HEC will conduct the Test at par with GRE (International) Subject Test.
Before moving into the Ph.D. program, candidates will need to complete 30 credit hours, out of which 24 credit hours will be for course work, which may lead to the award of M.Phil/MS/Equivalent Degree.
The minimum CGPA should be 3.00 or First Division in MS/M.Phil/Equivalent Degree for continuing into Ph.D.
Additional Ph.D. level course work of at least 18 credit hours followed by a Comprehensive Examination and an open defense of Dissertation is essential for the award of Ph.D. degree.
Acceptance/publication of at least one research paper in an HEC approved “X” category journal is essential for the award of Ph.D. degree (“Y” in case of Social Sciences only).
The Plagiarism Test must be conducted on the Dissertation before its submission to the two foreign experts, as described below.
The Ph.D. Dissertation must be evaluated by at least two Ph.D. experts from technologically/academically advanced foreign countries in addition to local Committee members.
A copy of Ph.D. Dissertation (both hard and soft) must be submitted to HEC for record in Ph.D. Country Directory.
There should be at least 3 relevant full time Ph.D. faculty members in a department to lunch the Ph.D. program.
The maximum number of Ph.D. students under the supervision of a full time faculty member is five which may be increased to eight under special circumstances in certain teaching departments subject to prior approval of the Higher Education Commission (HEC).