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Brief of University College for Women


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Brief of University College for Women

The college has been established in September, 2010 with the object of imparting knowledge of modern sciences, both social and pure, to the young females of KPK. The college provides educational opportunities on merit. It aims at producing enlightened and progressive young women.

Its three storied building consists of 22 classrooms, 3 FSC Science laboratories, 3 BS (Hons) Science laboratories, Library, 2 computer Labs, two Home Economics Lab, one psychology lab, two staff rooms, a sick room, sports room , a meeting hall and a multipurpose hall. These classrooms, laboratories and library are well maintained. The library also has a good collection of text and reference books.


First Year of the College

The College enrolled its first batch in September 2010, and the classes commenced in the building of the girls hostel no 2 immediately. By the grace of Allah the Almighty the college successfully completed its first session. The disciplines offered in the first session were Pre- Medical, Pre- Engineering and Inter Science. The Principal, administrative staff and enthusiastic faculty put their best efforts to complete the session successfully producing 78.9% result in the annual examination 2011, making it one of the best colleges of the Mardan Board.

Internal Examination

Keeping in view the importance of student assessment the college has established a proper examination system. The object of these examinations is to improve the performance of the students.

During the course of studies, periodical tests / examinations are regularly conducted by the college to ensure systematic and disciplined study, and to ascertain the progress of the students. The results of these tests / examinations are maintained in an academic progress report which is handed over to the students for onward transmission to the parents / guardians to apprise them of the performance of their wards. In this regard several PTM were arranged in the last session and one the present session.

Co-Curricular Activities

Throughout the year the college keeps the students engaged in co curricular activities. Art and cooking competitions were arranged. Trips and study tours are also part of the education of the students.


College Protorial Board

To inculcate the spirit of discipline and responsibility in students the college protorial board plays a vital role in the character building of the students.
Ms. Naseem Rafiq (Senior Proctor)
Ms. Sadia Zaman (Staff Proctor)

Transport and Hostel

The College provides hostel and transport facilities to its students. The university transport section gives pick and drop service while those students who need hostel are accommodated in the university girls' hostel in the main campus.

Scholar ships and fee Concession

The college offers several scholar ships i.e. endowment fund scholarships, Fata scholarships, mora scholarships, political scholarship .The College also gives fee concession to deserving students.

Number of students
F.A/F.Sc Part I =87
F.A. /F.Sc Part II = 140
Degree Level
B.A/B.Sc Part II = 78
BS English 1st Semester = 25
BS English 5th Semester = 47


Future plan

Disciplines offered

The college aims to provide a plate form to the young females where they discuses and groom their talents. The college will provide quality educating and will Insha'Allah become the best female college in KPK.

Facilities at UCW
Fully Equipped LABs
Intermediate Labs (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Economic and Computer)
BS Labs (Biology, Bio-Chemistry, Chemistry, Psychology and Computer)

• Transport Facility

The College provides transport facilities to its students. The University transport section gives pick and drop service both to the Students and Staff of College on the prescribed routes & stations.

• Hostel

University is offering hostel facility to the students and faculty of the College. Students who need hostel are accommodated in the University girl’s hostel in the Main Campus.

• Library

The College’s Aisha Library is equipped with full-fledged facilities for advance studies. Currently the library has approximately 5,000 books while purchase of more books is in progress. Library can accommodate up to 8,000 books. 11,000 books are accessible online.

College Library plays a vital role in dissemination of knowledge, teaching, research, and extension services. It has a seating capacity for about 150 readers, which provide congenial conditions for study. The library has twelve computers having free access to the internet; faculty and students use them. The Library is stocked with encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, standard specifications, yearbooks, almanacs, abstracts, indexes and a big reference collection of text and general books.

• Day Care

Due to the acute demand of faculty and staff members, a Daycare Center has been established in 2012. UCW offers day care center facility to the faculty members who have got younger children, especially to those whose children are at the nursing stage. College selected well-trained, responsible and experienced staff to tend the young babies, to provide them homely and amicable atmosphere for their better training. Day care center is equipped with all the necessary facilities to amuse, entertain the children. Daycare Center is a place where children are safe and happy.

• Multipurpose Hall

The college owns a beautifully constructed huge multipurpose hall where various academic and co-curricular activities take place from time to time such as Exams, Literary and Cultural competitions, seminars and functions.

• Sick Room/ Health Facility

College offers health facility to students who are not feeling well or need to check a chronic medical condition. The sick room is equipped with basic medical services including equipments and medicines; it is open to all enrolled students. Services are offered free of charge, if referrals for additional medical care or specialized services are required, the college has an ambulance service also.

• Sports Room

The University provides ample facilities to the students for participation in games and sports, both outdoors and indoors. Facilities are provided for different games including tennis, badminton, basketball and squash. A series of tournaments are held to provide participation to the maximum number of students. Outstanding players are encouraged to take part in the inter-university tournaments.

• Others
To facilitate teaching /learning internet facility, a smart Board and Multimedia Projectors are also available.


Co-curricular Activates

Throughout the year the college keeps the students engaged in co curricular activities. Art and cooking competitions were arranged. Trips and study tours are also part of the education of the students. Students also participate in Qirat, debate and other competitions.
The college at present is running two programs i.e. Intermediate and BS (Hons).


At F.A / F.Sc the following disciplines are offered.
English, Urdu, Islamic Education and Pak Studies are compulsory subjects.
The students must select the combination of subjects given below.

• Pre-Medical
Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics

•ComputerScience/General Science Group
1. Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science
2. Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science
3. Statistics, Mathematics, Economics
(S.S.C with science including Maths, at least 60% Marks in Maths)

• Humanities Group
Only one of the following subject combinations must be selected.
1. Statistics, Economics, Islamic Studies
2. Pushto/Urdu(Advance), Islamic Studies, Civics
3. Civics, Home Economics, Islamic Studies
4. Urdu(Advance), Home Economics, Islamic Studies

Discipline offered at Degree Level

Following Four years program after FA/F.Sc are offered at the college
• BS English