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World Largest Water Color Painting By PCA

The process for establishing an Art college at AWKUM was developed in 2014 at the Finance committee meeting of the University. . .

After this a meeting of the All Pakistan selected art experts was called and the feasibility report was prepared headed by FazliSattar Durrani and dr Jehanzaib Khalil.Other members of the committee for drafting the feasibilty were Iffat Ahmed , Uzma Shani and dr Nadeem umer Tarar.the feasibility report was approved at AWKUM in a meeting chaired by Vice Chancellor Dr Ihsan Ali.

As a first step faculty was hired to do the spade work initially an Associate Professor and three lecturers were selected.

Admissions started in August 2014 and the college was formally inaugurated on 20 September 2014 on the occasion of 50 years of formal art education in KP when on 20th september 1964.

The chief guest on the occasion was Dr Ihsan Ali while senior painters Jehanzaib malik and Muhammad Sulatn were guest of honour.Famous lawyer Nisar Khan was also guest on the opening ceremony.
The opening ceremony was added by group painting exhibition of Pir hamid khaishgi, Asfandyar, Fazli Sattar, Ajmalain, and Jehanzai bmalik.

On this occasion the painter demanded the establishment of Ghani Khan Art Gallery from the Vice chancellor and the reason was that 2014 is the 100th birth year of Ghani Khan.Jehanzaib malik and Pir hamid Kaishgi donated their 26 paintings for the gallery while some faculty members refused to donate their work.
The vice chancellor Announced the establishment of Ghani Khan Art gallery At PCA which is now operational at FA Durrani Museum.

College Mission
To Educate the youth in the skillful and self employing Art and Design subjects and make the youth as a tool of social change.

Our objectives are 'to advance learning, knowledge and professional competence particularly in the fields of fine arts, in the principles and practice of art and design in their relation to industrial and commercial processes and social developments and other subjects relating thereto, through teaching, research and collaboration with industry and commerce'.

Our mission is as follows:

‘The Pakhtunkhwa college of Arts -PCA aims to achieve international standards of excellence in the postgraduate and pre- /mid-professional education of artists and designers and related practitioners.
It aims to achieve these through the quality of its teaching, research and practice and through its relationship with the institutions, industries and technologies associated with the disciplines of art and design.’

The College aims to achieve these standards of excellence by:

  • Fostering a high level of understanding of the principles and practices of art and design.
  • Encouraging individual creativity among staff and students.
  • Recruiting students of proven ability and by providing pre-professional and post-experience study opportunities.
  • Continuously enhancing appropriate links and collaborations with industries and professional bodies.
  • Exploring the innovative applications of technologies and processes to the disciplines of art and design.
  • Encouraging awareness of social and environmental developments in sofar as they relate to art and design; and through co-operation and partnership with other institutions, locally, nationally and internationally.

Our values

Respect: We treat others in the same manner we would like to be treated ourselves – Abusive or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated.

Communication/Teamwork: We work as a team; hence we have an obligation to communicate – We take the time to talk with one another, and more importantly to listen to one another.

Integrity: We work in an environment of transparency where we deal with our partners, suppliers, and customers honestly and sincerely – Here there are no second chances for those who are found to be involved in any unethical practices.

Commitment: We are committed to deliver value and quality to our students, as we are committed to achieving our college's academic growth and success – We work to exceed expectations and goals.

Excellence: We strive to achieve the very best in everything we do. Continuous improvement is an inherent part of our organizational culture – Here we believe that everyone deserves to realize their true potential and discover what they truly are capable of.

Keeping in view the long-lasting tradition of arts and creativity of Mardan, which remained a hub of Buddhist Art in this region of Gandhara now KP, The Abdul Wali Khan University administration decides to establish an institute of formal art & design education.

It is the vision of the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ihsan Ali. That he, keeping in view the various discipline of Art & Design, approved the University College of Arts in January 2014 from various bodies of the University.
It is obvious that being a self employment professional program art, design and architecture is directly responsible for social and economic change of the society.

Dr. Ihsan Ali's Vision for the promotion of Art institute and Art galleries
To educate the youth of the region in particular, and all Pakistanis in general for social development and positive change of the society ,by this one of the modern subject of today's world. He established art institutes and Art galleries both at Hazara University and Abdul Wali Khan University

First meeting of the All Pakistan expert committee in Art and Design in January 2014
Prof. Dr. Ihsan Ali Vice Chancellor Abdul Wali Khan University proposed the name "University College of Arts" in the experts committee meeting held on 26th January 2014. It was in line with the names of all other constituent colleges. Letter on it was approved by all other bodies .
Formation of the board of study In January 2014