Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

Academic Council of AWKUM




Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan


24.       Academic Council.---(1) The Academic Council shall consist of-


the Vice-Chancellor who shall be its Chairperson;

Vice Vice Chancellor,
Abdul Wali Khan University



the Chairperson;




the Deans;

  1. Prof. Dr. Jehanzeb Khan Khalil, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, AWKUM
  2. Prof. Dr. Khanzadi Fatima Khattak, Dean, Faculty of Chemical & Life Sciences, AWKUM
  3. Prof. Dr. Zahoor-ul-Haq, Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics, AWKUM
  4. Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad, Dean, Faculty of Physical & Numerical Sciences, AWKUM
  5. Prof. Dr. Niaz Muhammad, Dean, Faculty of Arts & Humanities, AWKUM



the Professors Emeritus and Meritorious Professors;




one Professor, one Associate Professor, one Assistant Professor and one lecturer to be elected from amongst themselves in the prescribed manner;

  1. Prof. Dr. Zahid Hussain,

    Professor, Department of Chemistry, AWKUM

  2. Mr. Fazli Sattar,

    Associate Professor,
    Pakhtunkhwa College of Arts, AWKUM

  3. Dr. Atif Kamil, Assistant Professor,
    Department of Biotechnology,
  4. Mr. Amjad,

Lecturer, Department of English, AWKUM

From 13-01-2016  
To     12-01-2019



From 13-01-2016  
To     12-01-2019



From 13-01-2016  
To     12-01-2019


From 13-01-2016  
To     12-01-2019


two Principals, preferably one female,  of affiliated colleges, one each from public and private sector, to be nominated by the Secretary to Government, Higher Education Department;

  1. Principal,

Islamia Degree College for Girls, Nowshera

02 Principal,

Govt. College of Commerce for Women, Mardan

From 02-12-2015  
To     01-12-2018


From 02-12-2015  
To     01-12-2018


four members of the Senate to be elected by the Senate;

In Process



one Principal of the constituent college, to be nominated by the Senate;

University College for Women (UCW)



the Director Admissions;

Director Admissions,
Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan



the Controller of Examinations; and

      Controller of Examinations,
Abdul Wali Khan University       Mardan



the Registrar, who shall be its member-cum-secretary.

Abdul Wali Khan University       Mardan



the Director Academics

Co-opted Member

(2)     Members of the Academic Council, other than ex-officio, shall hold office for three years.

(3)      The Academic Council shall meet at least once in six months.

(4)      The quorum for meetings of the Academic Council shall be one-half of the total number of members, a fraction being counted as one.