Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

Proctors Office



The Proctorial Board AWKUM envisions the training of minds so as to accept willingly the control of rules, regulations and order. The urge for the smooth running of the university affairs is counteracted by the conflict of wills, and where energy is wasted in conflict, nothing remains to devote to the task of creation.
If the wild impulses in human (students) nature are not controlled or checked, restrained and sublimated, they produce not only disorder in the academic order, but also cause considerable frustration in individual minds. Uncontrolled expressions of individuals lead to clash and conflict between them and the ultimate effect is academic and social disintegration. In such a state, no progress is possible at all. It creates tension, uncertainty and ultimately disorder. But if the individuals and groups control their impulses and eccentricities, and obey a certain discipline, far reaching results may be achieved, leading ultimately to the welfare of the students, the university and of the nation as a whole. Thus we must accept noble ideals and the guidance of our chosen leaders. In every organized effort, where many take part, there must be one person in command. To submit to the order of this leader is no shame, rather it is the noblest virtue. This leader is the one who let AWKUM make unimaginable progress in such a short span of two and half years; the leader is Prof Dr. Ihsan Ali, the Vice Chancellor (AWKUM).To sum up, the proctorial Board (AWKUM) will make students and staff of AWKUM yield to discipline in order to achieve a higher purpose

                                                                      Never say, “it is not my job”.

AWKUM Students Discipline Rules & Regulations (2017)



Proctor's Office

The Proctors office falls under the office of Student Affairs. The Chief Proctor's Office is located on the ground floor adjacent to the Department of Education.

The Chief Proctor is the Head of the Proctorial Board that is responsible for maintaining discipline on all campuses. Deputy Chief Proctor is to assist him. The Board works closely with all campuses security and with other offices to help ensure a safe and comfortable environment on all campuses. Any concerns regarding discipline should be directed to one of the proctors or senior proctors on their respective campuses or to the Chief Proctor

Office of the Chief Proctor
Provost Office Building

Ph# 0092-93-79830652

Chief Proctor
Name Mr. Amjad Khan
Designation Chief Proctor
Email chiefproctor@awkum.edu.pk