Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

Depatrment of Planning & Development



Mr. Dawood Jan
Name Mr. Dawood Jan
Designation Assistant Director P&D
Email plandev@awkum.edu.pk / dawoodjan@awkum.edu.pk
Phone +92-937-843362

Mr. Saifullah Khan
Name Mr. Saifullah Khan
Designation Superintendent
Email saifullah@awkum.edu.pk
Phone +92-937-843362

Mr. Faheem Ullah Khan
Name Mr. Faheem Ullah Khan
Designation Office Assistant
Email @awkum.edu.pk
Phone +92-937-
Fax +92-937-

Mr. Muhammad Saeed
Name Mr. Muhammad Saeed
Designation L.D.C
Phone +92-937-9230634
Fax +92-937-9230643


Planning & Development Department Introduction & Role:

The role of Planning & Development Department is to asses the current and future needs for physical and academic infrastructure and HR needs and prepare plans accordingly. The Department of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan works under the supervision, guidance and leadership of the Vice Chancellor, AWKUM and the University’s statutory bodies. The Planning & Development Department is headed by a Director (P&D); who is supported by Ministerial Staff. The P&D has contributed its due share in the development of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan and proudly endowed in its journey from a small institution to a multi campus full-fledged Institution.

Functions of P&D Department:
The roles, responsibilities and a brief description of different functions of P&D are given below:

    • Assessing the present and future needs of the University including the physical, capital and human resource needs of the University.
    • Preparation of the Development Plans, Projects and Schemes.          
    • Preparation of viable projects for academic and physical growth and expansion of   the University.
    • Seeking and securing funds for the projects from appropriate fora.
    • Formulation annual work plan and cash plan, as per requirement of the University and concerned bodies.
    • Implementation of major development projects and   programmes.
    • Preparation and submission of reports to the management and organizations.
    • Maintaining liaison and coordination with the Provincial Government and HEC with a view to speed up execution of the approved projects.
    • Developing & strengthening linkages with other Universities & Organizations.
    • The compilation of Public Sector Development Program (PSDP)
    • The appraisal of proposals for new development schemes.
    • The monitoring of the on-going projects and cross-checking of monitoring data on Individual projects.          
    • Any other functions assigned by the Vice Chancellor.

Achievements of Planning & Development Department, AWKUM

The Provincial Government has been generous to allot a piece of land measuring 2000 Kanals in the vicinity of Sheikh Maltoon Township, Mardan city for establishment of permanent campus of the University. Land has been acquired and award notified in July 2010. Payment has been made by the Provincial Government to the District Officer (Revenue and Estate), Mardan for further disbursement to the owners. Plan for infrastructure, construction and allied facilities have been finalized. Boundary wall of Garden Campus is being carried out by C&W Department and actual construction has been in full swing after commitment of funding Rs: 4, 432 Million for Phase-I by Provincial Government and funding of Rs: 681.587 Million by the Federal Government through HEC for Phase-II, under the supervision of P&D and Consultants ACE.

List of Projects approved through this Department.

SR #

Name of the Project



“Establishment of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan (Phase-I)” approved by the PDWP on November 18, 2011 funded by Provincial Government
15% additional approved by Provincial Government of the Original PC-1

4,432.197 Million
664.8295 Million

5097.0265 Million


“Establishment of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan Phase-II (Part 1)” approved by the CDWP on June 18, 2012 funded by Federal Government through HEC.


681.587 Million


“Consolidated Requirements of Campuses of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan” funded by Provincial Government

499.606 Million


“University College for Women, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan” funded by Provincial Government

160.149 Million


“PhD Scholarships 40 for of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan & 10 for College Sector of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa” funded by Provincial Government

300.000 Million


“Grant in Aid to Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan for Establishing Bacha Khan Chair” funded by Provincial Government

80.00 Million


“Construction of Parameter Wall and Master Planning Architectural /Structural Design for Providing Infrastructure” funded by Provincial Government

171.278 Million


“Grant in aid to Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan for the Development of Infrastructure on its Original Site at Platoo, Mardan” funded by Provincial Government

135.398 Million

  1. P&D has contributed to opening of Nine Campuses in Seven Districts of KP.
  2. P&D has contributed to Up-gradation of two its campuses to Universities i.e University of Swabi and Bacha Khan University Charsadda.
  3. Master Planning for Garden Campus.
  4. Monitoring of the Construction work at Garden Campus.
  5. Dealing of any related issue to Garden Campus.