Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

Transportation Rules


Rules & Statutes


1.         Short title, commencement and application
1.1       These rules shall be called Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan Transport Rules, 2010, framed under Section 32 (1) of Chapter V of Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan Act, 2009.

1.2       These Rules shall come into force with immediate effect and shall applicable to all the university students & employees / staff.

2.         Definitions

2.1    In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions shall have the meanings hereby respectively assigned to them:

                 (a)    “University” means the Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan.

(b)     “Department” means a teaching Department and for the purpose of these rules, includes the University Campus.

(c)     “Head of the Department” means any person who is incharge of the Administration of a Department such a Chairman, a Director etc. including a person who is officiating in such capacity.

(d)     “Transport Officer / Official” means any Officer / Official of Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan or to whom the Vice Chancellor has delegated the functions of Transport Office.

(e)     “Student” means any person who is enrolled as a student in a Department.

(f)      “Employee” means an employee of the University whether employed on whole time basis or otherwise.

(g)     “Vehicle” means any type of motor vehicle and it includes vehicles donated to a Department or purchased by the Department from its private fund.

(h)     “Fuel Charges” means charges made only for fuel consumed by a vehicle in addition to charge as overtime and daily allowance to drivers and cleaners under the rules.

3.         Transport fleet of the University consisting of all kinds of vehicles, is the property of the University and shall be used primarily for the purpose of education of the students, research and official duty of the University.    


4.         The Transport Officer shall be the incharge of Transport Section and shall be responsible for the proper use of all the vehicles. He shall maintain the vehicles in working order and will look after their movement, maintenance, POL, and all other related mattes. 


5.         All the University vehicles will be under general pool with the Transport Officer except the Staff Car. The vehicles at general pool shall be allowed by the Transport Officer for official work of the University and its Department(s) after proper requisitioning by the Head of the Department / Registrar / Vice Chancellor. For outstation journey only Vice Chancellor shall authorize.       


6.         The Vice Chancellor has got full powers to allow the vehicles under the administrative control of the Registrar, Controller of Examinations, Provost, Administrative Officer and Security Officer as per maximum ceiling of fuel or kilo meter per year duly recommended by the Finance & Planning Committee and approved by the Syndicate as per notification issued time to time. However, the Staff Car / Vehicles under the official use of Vice Chancellor have got no limits.


7.         The Vice Chancellor can transfer any / all of the vehicles and put it / them at the disposal of the Transport Officer.    


8.         No other person except authorized drivers of the University shall drive the vehicles. They shall be responsible for putting the vehicles duly cleaned in their parking places / garages after performance of their duty and shall report to the Transport Officer to this effect. Registrar, Provost, Administrative Officer and Security Officer shall be permitted to drive the vehicles when drivers are not available for their vehicles. But they will be fully responsible for the safety and maintenance of the vehicles at their disposal.



9.         Vehicles shall not be allowed for POLITICAL PURPOSES such as participation in political public meetings, reception of political leaders, procession and demonstration arranged by political parties and celebration of mourning on political events, death anniversaries and students elections campaigns and convincing etc.

10.       Officers who have been allocated vehicles by designation or to their offices shall not be entitled for conveyance allowance.           

11.       Transport may be made available on full fuel charges for any excursions trip arranged by not less than three tutorial groups of students provided such groups are accompanied by a member of the teaching staff authorized by the Head of Department in order to make excursion and educational activity subject to approval of the Vice Chancellor and proper requisition of the vehicle on vehicle requisition proforma for excursion trip.

12.       Transport will be allowed on fuel charges for educational purposes. Such trips will have to be arranged by the Head of the Department / Dean of the concerned faculty in accordance with general policy of the University subject to approval of the Vice Chancellor and proper requisition of the vehicle. 

13.       The Vice Chancellor shall use his own discretion in allowing Transport for religious purposes only, subject to proper requisition of vehicle.

14.       In the event of the death of any student on the campus or in DHQ, Mardan or Mardan Medical Complex, Mardan, the University shall make arrangement for free transportation of the dead body in the University ambulance / vehicles available for emergency service.

15.       The University shall ensure availability of two vehicles for emergency service round the clock with the Transport Officer, in the event of emergency the vehicles will be provided free of charges to take a sick student or employee to the nearest relevant dispensary or Hospital and bring him back. The student will invariably be accompanied by a teacher if the emergency occurs during the working hours or the Warden / Assistant Warden of the concerned hostel if the emergency takes place after working hours.

16.       In case of the death of an employee or a member of his family including parents, brothers and sisters on the Campus or DHQ, Mardan or Mardan Medical Complex, Mardan, University shall make arrangements for free transportation of the dead body.

17.       The University may allow transport facility on payment to its employees only on the occasion of their marriages etc. subject to proper prior requisitions.     

18.       Use of University vehicles for private purpose either by the employee or the students of the University should not be allowed. However, under very specified recorded circumstances, vehicles for private purposes be allowed with the permission of the Vice Chancellor only, on payment at the prescribed rates.

19.       The University shall charge for private hiring of vehicles as per rates fixed by the Syndicate, which will be subject to change from time to time.

20.       The user of the vehicles shall ordinarily pay the vehicle charges in advance at the rate prescribed. The charges will be adjusted and accounted for on the basis of actual bill on return from the journey with proper printed receipt to be issued by the Transport Officer’s office, otherwise, a penalty shall be imposed commensurating to the distance beyond the distance requisitioned which will be charged at double the rates. 

21.       The Vehicles are not to be driven to a place other than the approved destination for which they have been requisitioned otherwise penalty will be imposed commensurate to the destination beyond the requisitioned destination and will be charged at double the rate.  

22.       The Vice Chancellor may allow requisitioning of the University vehicle to any other institution(s) on the Campus or other Government, Semi Government and Autonomous Bodies on usual charges provided proper request is made by such institution(s).

23.       The driver of each vehicle shall strictly observe the following: 

(a)       He himself shall be responsible for the proper up-keep and cleaning of the University vehicle, actual consumption, careful driving, caution against accident and timely service and repairs.

(b)       He shall get entries recorded in the logbook before any officer / a requisitioner leave the vehicle after return from official / private duty.

(c)        He shall be responsible for any damage, which may be caused to the vehicle due to his negligence. 

(d)       He shall observe the driving and traffic regulations, speed limits laid down for different areas. He will have to pay all the fines in contravention of rules, traffic regulations, speed limits etc.  

(e)       He shall never leave vehicle unattended or in dangerous position while on duty.

(f)        The above rules from “a to e” shall also be applicable to authorized officers when they drive themselves.

(g)       In case of officer / official / requisitioner insists on driving the vehicle, the driver will not resist, but shall report the matter to the Transport Incharge for action. In such a case the concerned officer / official / requisitioner shall be fully responsible for the damage, if any.

24.       The driver / cleaners shall be paid overtime allowance for the duties exceeding normal duty hours (8 hours) at the rates to be fixed by the Syndicate from time to time.

25.       Logbook

25.1          Proper logbook will be maintained for each vehicle, which shall remain in the custody of the driver of the vehicle. The Registration Number of the vehicle shall be indicated on the title cover of the logbook.

25.2          Every person requisitioning the vehicle shall make and sign the entries in the logbook and verify in respect of journey performed by him in the vehicle and the total kilometers for which vehicle is used.

25.3          Petrol / Diesel put in the vehicle and entered in the logbook shall be signed by the officer in whose presence the fuel has been put in the vehicle.

25.4          Entries with regard to repair / service of vehicle etc. shall be made in the same logbook as well.

25.5          Logbook of the vehicles allocated to the officer under clause–6 of these rules shall be properly maintained by the concerned officer except the Vice Chancellor whose logbook will be maintained by the Private Secretary / PA.      

25.6          Transport Officer / Transport Section / Registrar will be responsible for maintaining the profile of each vehicle starting from its purchase, maintenance, repairs and fuel. 

26.       Audit

Audit of Accounts related to each vehicle will be carried out by the University’s Internal Auditor  at the time of passing fuel bills and will check and ensure that rules for detailment / use of vehicle / consumption of fuel/entries in logbook and petrol Account Register are correctly maintained.

N.B:          Transport pick & drop facility for the Students of Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan will be provided by the University on the prescribed routes & stations by the Vice-Chancellor.