Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

Library Rules


Rules & Statutes


The central library and all departmental libraries of Abdul Wali Khan university Mardan shall observe the following rules formulated as per requirements of section 30, sub clause (1), Para (h) of Abdul Wali Khan university Mardan Act 2009.

  1. Membership

The following categories will be entitled for membership of the library
1) All regular students      
2) Faculty members           
3) Teaching Assistants      
4) Researchers 
5) Administrative staff
The university library shall provide the services to its members as per the following procedure.

  1. Every respective member shall submit a properly filled membership form along with 3 passport size photographs, attested copy of university card/CNIC/Office Order(for staff only) signed by the Head of department.
  2. The librarian after verification of the information given by the applicant will issue a membership card to the applicant. Teaching staff will not be issued any membership card, but will be allotted an account/page number in a register.
  3. Safe custody of the membership card shall be the sole responsibility of the member. In case of loss of the membership card, the member will be required to submit a fine of Rs. 50.
  4. All members shall return the membership card to the library on the completion of study/leaving the university or would pay a fine of Rs. 50 in lieu thereof.

2) Circulation (Issue & Return) Rules.
All registered users are entitled to issue materials (Books) from the library. Borrowing privileges may differ depending on the membership category. The borrowing privileges of the text and general books are:


Membership Category

Borrowing Privileges



Head of Department

10 books

3 Months



12 books

3 Months


Associate Professor

10 books

1 Month


Assistant Professor

8 books

1 months



8 books

1 month


Research Associate

8 books

14 days


Teaching Assistants

6 books

14 days



6 books

14 days




14 days


Administrative |Staff

2 books

14 days

2.1)            Members will be allowed to issue any type of books and other such material except reference books/material.
2.2)            Members shall be required to present library membership card at the time of issue & return.                                                                                                                                         
2.3)            Books/any such material issued will remain the property of the library and no transfer/bargain will be allowed. Books must be returned to the library within the specific time. If a member fails to return the book with in the due time a fine of Rs 10 per book/day will be charged. Maximum overdue period is 30 days.
2.4)            Membership of the defaulter will remain suspended till the fine is deposited.
2.5)            All issued books will be considered lost if not returned within the overdue period of 30 days and the borrower will be dealt with as per rules.
2.6)            Reissuance of the book may be allowed if not reserved.

3) Book Reservation
All members can reserve a book if already issued. The librarian may ask/call for return of any book at any time if it is
3.1)            Urgently required by another member with written request. In such case the existing borrower shall be allowed sufficient but less than the maximum time to fulfill his/her need.
3.2)            Declared to be reserved by the competent authority due to any reasons.
3.3)            Declared to be rare and should be protected.
3.4)            Banned by Government / Competent authority of the university.

Reference Books/Material.

4.1) Books and other material of the following shall not be allowed for issue. These books may be studied within the allocated sections of the library during working hours
4.2) Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Research Reports etc
4.3) Book declared to be reserved or banned due to any reason by the Govt or Competent authority of the university
4.4) Rare books and other protected copies.
4.5) Microfilm, Autographs and tape recorders.
4.6) Periodicals (NEWS paper, Journals, Magazines, Reports)

Loss/Mutilation of Material
5.1)      Safe keeping of books/any other material borrowed shall be the sole responsibility of the borrower. If a book/any other such material is damaged/defaced/mutilated, borrower will be liable for the repair, if possible
5.2)      In case no repair is possible, the borrower will be required to replace the book/material with new book/material of the same quality.
5.3)      If a book/any such material is lost, the borrower will be liable to pay an amount equivalent to the double of current market price of the lost book/material.
5.4)      If no current market price can be determine, a three member committee constituted by the competent authority will assess the value of the lost book/material.                                                                                                                                                                                
5.5)      In case of donated material, Research report, Thesis etc, a three member committee. constituted by the competent authority will determine the amount to be paid by the borrower.

Library Timings

The library will observe normal university timings. The vice chancellor may, however allow the library to remain open for an extended time for the benefit of university students and researchers,
The library will remain closed for a minimum period of three weeks in August every year for the purpose of physical verification. All the members will be informed about the commencement of the exercise through a general notice which will require them to return the books/material.

Library Environment

7.1)      All members/visitors shall observe complete silence inside the library\
8.2)      No personal belongings (books, files, registers, handbags, umbrellas etc) will be inside the library. These all must be deposited/left at the entrance of the library.
8.3)      Eating, sleeping, smoking & use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited within the premises of library.

Library Budget / Funding

Every campus library should be allocated with specific amount of budget based on number of departments and needs. The librarian will use the fund by the kind approval of the competent authority.
Source of income of library includes

  • University grant to the library
  • Any other source (membership fee, fine, workshops, seminars etc )

Short fall will be compensated as

  • Reduction in demand.
  • Demand from the competent authority.


Collection Development and Acquisition Rules

The purpose of this document is to outline collection development and acquisition of the Library and to identify general principles for shaping the collection. These principles will change from time to time to update, the policy regularly

Principles of Collection Development 
For collection development and acquisition the following principles will observed:

  • Requests for the purchase of material should be submitted to the concerned librarian on prescribed Performa duly recommended by head of the department. The librarian will place an order after the approval of the competent authority.
  • Books, serials and other literature will be selected for the Library that support the teaching, learning and research needs of the university.
  • Appropriate balance between teaching and learning requirements will be maintained and research needs will be a priority.
  • A balance needs to be maintained between databases/journals and monographs.
  • Wherever possible, the Library will avoid unnecessary duplication of resources.
  • The Library's collections will be supplemented by providing university students and staff with access to inter-library loan service on a predominantly free basis.
  • Materials deemed to fall outside subject retention schedules will be withdrawn from the collection, and will be offered in book fair.
  • The committee constituted by the competent authority will process the spot purchase.
  • For the purchase of Audio Visual material, Library staff shall be taken on board.
  • The Chairman will be responsible for recommended books as per syllabus.
  • The material must be in excellent physical condition.
  • Proof of payment must be retained (e.g. credit card slip, cash register etc.)
  • Multiple copies will be acquired in relation to expected demand. The following algorithm is used: 1 copy per title + 1 copy per every five students.
  • Gifts relevant to the Library collection will be welcomed as a valued source of enriching the collections. A gift will not be accepted if the donor wishes to place any limitations on its use or disposal.
  • Resources borrowed from other institutions will be purchased in case of damage, theft or loss.
  • The Budget for Purchase may be distributed as under :
    • Books, Thesis and Audio Visual Materials.
    • Journals and Periodicals.
    • Online/Digital Recourses, Equipments.
    • Photo Copying and Maintenance
    • Furniture and other library needs.   




Circulation section plays an important role for providing the books to readers. The readers may contact the Circulation Counter regarding the matters relating to library membership, fine and clearance etc. The new arrivals may be placed near the circulation counter of the Library. The book may be traced out by consulting the catalogue through its author, title or subject.

The Library will maintain automated catalogue containing bibliographic information of the books, journals etc. Database will be searchable as Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). The remote access catalogue is under construction and will be available on the Internet in near future.

Internet facilities will be provided to the library members of Abdul Wali Khan university where the following rules will be followed.

  • They can browse for their assignments, digital books and HEC digital library.
  • Downloading or exchanging of entertainment audio and video files including MP3 files and other similar files, Streaming (listening or watching) video and audio in real-time including Internet "radio/television" stations or music sites except video conferencing for academic and administrative purposes and any other material allowed by the university from time to time, Playing games, Chatting, accessing sites of social media and sites contain pornographic material will not be permissible.
  • The students will use the facility for thirty minutes while staff members for one hour. Extra time may be provided if needed.

The library will provides a wide range of user education programs to enable them to use the library to its optimum potential. The orientation programs at the time of fresh admissions will be conducted each year. Visitors and delegates shall also be briefed by the senior staff.

This facility will be available in the Library on payment basis, from where the user can get the photocopy, subject to the copyright law.

10.6     Newspapers 
Library will subscribe more than 5 daily national, leading newspapers in order to enhance the current affairs knowledge of its patrons. 

10.7     Inter-Library Loan (ILL) 

Inter Loan Library service will be provided among campus libraries and other renowned libraries of different universities, institutions and departments of the region. Through Inter Library Loan transactions, library materials will be made available by one library to another library for the use of its users. 

10.8     Clipping Service Policy
The service of cutting out News and articles of Interest to a client in newspapers or magazines and sending them to the clients for information is called clipping service which will include News and articles about Abdul Wali Khan university Mardan (AWKUM) and Higher Education Commission (HEC) however news about other organization may also be included. 
The Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Deans of Faculties, Campus Coordinators and all Libraries Incharge will receive these cutting through email in JPG format.



Weeding out and write off are two important functions in which librarian have the right to weed out  non used and outdated material while to write off theft or loss materials from the library. 
All librarians of Abdul Wali Khan university shall observe the following rules for Weeding out and write off materials.

      • Upon consultation with the concerned head of the department, the librarian will enlist all outdated and non use books etc. The list will be forwarded to the competent authority for the approval in order to weed out the materials.
      • The Librarian shall report all printed/ non- printed material damaged or worn-out through fair wear and tear to the competent authority for write­ off approval.
      • Losses to the extent of 3% per annum of the available stock in an open access library shall be written off by the competent authority.
      • Losses to the extent of 2% per annum of the available collection of a close ­access or partially open access library shall be written off by the competent authority.
      • Losses written off by the competent authority shall be struck off from the stock and transferred to the with-drawl register indicating the reasons due to which the losses were written off.
      • In case a book is not returned to the library by a member due to a genuine reason shall be written off by the competent authority.