Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

Affiliation Statutes / Questionnair for Affiliation


Rules & Statutes






Questionnair for Affiliation


    1. Name of Institution.
    2. Name of the Governing Body / Society / Foundation.
    3. Financial position of the Institution.
    4. Staff list (giving the following information)
      1. S. No.                            
      2. Name of teacher with full academic qualifications.
      3. Subject taught.
      4. Periods per week.
      5. Pay.
    5. Hostel facilities (with full details), if any.
    6. Tuition fee / dues and other funds annually charged from the students.
    7. Details of building, equipment and furniture.
    8. Library (giving details of total number of books in each subject and other information about library services).
    9. Office and library staff (whether qualified, full time or part time office staff / librarian, along with support staff).
    10. Staff Residences (whether provision exists for the residence of the Principal and staff near / in the institution. If so please give detailed information).
    11. Efficiency and discipline of staff and other employees (state whether the proper rules have been framed).
    12. Sports: (Are play-grounds for different games available?)
    13. Subjects in which the institution is already affiliated with Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan.
    14. Subject(s) in which affiliation is sought.
    15. Details of other information (if any)
    16. The institution must be governed / run by a corporate body duly registered with the competent authorities of the Government. Pleas supply Registration No. Financial position must be supported by certificate from Bank / Charted Accountant in order to ensure that funds are sufficient for making due provision for continued maintenance and efficiency of the institution.

The institution concerned will have to submit to University contract of each teacher with the institution of at least two years. Any change in the teaching staff will have to be submitted to Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan.
The work load of the teacher will not exceed as prescribed of University teachers.